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Winter was not previously a strong suit, but it has come to be a valued season for me after moving to the coast of Maine from Philadelphia nine years ago. I learned to love it with lots of hiking, reading, rooting for hidden treasures on Netflix, and a fantastic group of friends. A woodstove is a must, as is good shoveling technique.


Living on the coast is idyllic in any season. The abundance of locally produced goods like artisanal soaps and yarn to organic and heirloom produce that is available here year-round is amazing. But it's the people that produce these things that make Maine special. There is a drive here to create and to be self sufficient and independent that I really admire.


The natural beauty and the people made me stay, but it was Maine Media Workshops that brought me up here in the first place. I spent a year studying photography in their professional certificate program that was fantastic. I learned more during that experiance than in four years of college.


Then, as the story so often goes, I met a boy. An old house, one antique pick-up truck, and a bird dog later, Maine is home.

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